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Owner of United Capital Management of Kansas and Koehn Ranch, Competitive Rodeo Athlete, and Philanthropist

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As managing partner, my primary focus is on understanding the unique needs and goals of our clients, crafting tailored financial plans, and overseeing their implementation. I work closely with our team of Advisors, Managers and Investment Research Analysts to ensure optimal investment strategies for our clients' assets. Visit us United Capital Management of Kansas to explore how we can help you achieve your financial objectives with confidence and precision.

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As the owner of a family ranch, I take immense pride in our dedication to breeding, nurturing, and training exceptional rodeo horses. Join me, Chad, on rodeo adventures where I showcase the remarkable athleticism and skill of our horses in competitions. Discover more about the outstanding horses available for sale and our comprehensive training programs by visiting Koehn Ranch. Click the button below for more details about Koehn Ranch.

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Continuously championing diverse charitable causes remains a cornerstone of my commitment to our Kansas community. From honoring veterans through "Honor Flight" to empowering the differently-abled via "New Heights Therapy," I steadfastly advocate for meaningful change. Additionally, my dedication to education shines through my unwavering support for the "United Capital Management Scholarship Program," ensuring bright minds have the resources needed to succeed.

Discover Chad's Charitable Contributions

"Chad Koehn, we are thankful for all that you do at United Capital Management"

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As President of United Capital Management of Kansas, Inc., and a dedicated family man, I've spent two decades leading with integrity in both professional and personal realms. Beyond business, I proudly uphold our family's legacy at Koehn Ranch and strive to make a difference in our community through philanthropy. From guiding clients to supporting causes like honoring veterans through 'Honor Flight' and empowering the differently-abled with 'New Heights Therapy,' my mission is clear: to lead with purpose and impact lives for the better. - Chad Koehn